Here’s what Assist-2-Sell does:

We advertise your home.
We show your home to buyers.
We arrange for other agents to show your home.
We arrange all inspections.
We pre-qualify buyers.

In other words, we do everything. We offer full service — with savings in your pocket.


Are there any upfront fees or hidden charges?

Nope. You pay if we sell your home. If we don’t sell your home, then you owe us nothing!

How can you charge so much less to sell a home?

We discovered that by charging less, more sellers would choose our selling services. This gives us the opportunity to offer more homes for sale, which of course helps to attract more buyers. We can afford to make less per sale since we sell so many more homes. Because of the sheer volume of new listings, selling a house is easier, we get paid more often, and you don’t spend as much money! Everyone benefits.

Does Assist-2-Sell show my home to potential buyers?

Yes. We have licensed real estate professionals, who are experienced in the process of selling a house, available to show your home to interested buyers.

Do other agents show my home?

Yes. We cooperate with all real estate professionals. Local real estate agents from other offices frequently show and sell Assist-2-Sell listings.

Do you work with buyers?

Yes. Our agents provide full service for buyers as well as sellers. In addition to our own fine selection of homes, we can also assist buyers in viewing homes for sale through the MLS and new homes offered by local builders. The best part for buyers is that they get this professional assistance at no cost.

How do I know what my home is worth?

We help you! We prepare a free comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) using the same technique as appraisers. This will assist you in determining the correct price for your home, and it takes into consideration the current competition of similar homes. We also review sales for the past year or so to compare market times and selling prices. If you would like a free CMA, please call or email us today.