Image of a small white ceramic house surrounded by soft light and pine cones.

It’s no secret that most homebuyers tend to buy in the warmer months. However, that doesn’t mean that no houses are sold in the winter! Especially in Amarillo, where our high winter temperatures are still in the 50s and 60s, it’s always a good time to list property for sale! 

Selling a house during the winter months does, however, require that you have the right listing agent, local real estate agent, or selling agent on your side. You’ve found it in Assist-2-Sell Amarillo! We’re experts in selling homes and we do it all for a low, flat-rate fee of $2,995, so you can say goodbye to obnoxious realtor fees and high real estate commissions. Keep reading to learn more, and then contact Assist-2-Sell today to get started selling your home!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

We may not be covered in snow all winter, but that doesn’t mean us Texans don’t feel the change in temps! Make sure your house is warm and toasty, light up your fireplace, and watch potential homebuyers want to linger even longer in your warm home.

Clear the Walkway

It may not be up to the national average, but Amarillo receives about 15 inches of snow each year. When selling your house, make sure the walkway is clear of snow and ice.

Feature All Things Cozy

Let your home be a winter oasis with cozy, warm, and inviting rooms; comfortable blankets, decor, and candles; and hot cider, coffee, and cocoa. All of this will help your house appear cozy and smell amazing!

Let There Be Light

Both in and out of the house, light it up! The porch and walkway should be well-lit, especially with the darker winter days. Turn on lights, fireplaces, candles, and more to make sure your home is illuminated from the inside out.

Summer State of Mind

And, finally, be sure to show how great your home is in the summer as well! Include photos on realtor websites and your home listing to show what it looks like in the summer. And there you go — selling a house in winter is taken care of!

3 Surprising Benefits of Selling a House in the Winter

As your source for selling homes in Amarillo, we’ve seen the many benefits of going through the process of selling a house in the winter months:

Buyers are serious

If potential homebuyers are adding “buy a home” to their already-long holiday to-do list, then you can bet they’re serious and are ready to buy.

There are fewer sellers

How many of your neighbors are selling a house in the winter? The number is lower, meaning you have decreased competition.

People have more time off

Sure, it’s hectic to buy a house in the middle of the holiday season, but it also means buyers have more time off to do so!

Selling a House in Amarillo? We Can Help

The cost of selling a house is far lower with Assist-2-Sell Amarillo. Learn more about selling your home with us and contact us today to get started!