Buying a home is undeniably exciting. Before you get to the moment when you’re popping champagne on the kitchen floor while surrounded by boxes, though, there’s a lot that takes place.

First, you’ll save up for a down payment and see what you can afford. You’ll meet with a realtor and browse real estate listings. You’ll attend plenty of open houses. During this time, you’ll finally get to the point of buying a home in Amarillo.

To help you get there, Assist-2-Sell is here to help. We have access to real estate listings throughout Amarillo, and we offer our services at a low, affordable rate — so you don’t have to add even more expenses to your to-do list. Read below to learn what to look for during open houses, and then contact us today for help with buying a home in Amarillo!

Outside The House:

Before you ever make it into the house, there are a few things you should look at on the outside:

The Neighborhood

What’s the neighborhood like? Would it allow your children to attend a good school? Do the neighbors seem friendly? Experienced realtors can give you an intimate feel of what the neighborhood is like.

The Yard & Privacy

Finding houses for sale isn’t just about the layout of the house — it’s also about the layout of the outdoors. Here in Amarillo, we love our time spent outdoors, and we’re sure your kids and pets will, too! Make sure the yard, and its privacy and protection, meet your expectations.

The Condition Of The House

What’s the siding look like? What about the roof? Before you even have a home inspection done, keep an eye out during the open house for any potential problems.

Inside The House:

Now, the exciting part! Visualize yourself in the home and think about what you’d do when you buy it by keeping the following in mind during the open house:

The Layout

Is the layout actually convenient for you? Or do you think you’d end up knocking out walls and buying entirely new furniture from the get-go? The floor plan isn’t as easy to change as, say, the color of a wall.

Water Damage, Weird Smells, New Paint

Speaking of the color of the wall, look for new paint when you’re touring a home for sale. This could be covering up something undesirable, such as water damage.

Storage Space

If you have a lot of storage needs, be sure to evaluate storage space during an open house. If your find your dream house for sale and it doesn’t have your ideal storage, just know you may need to downsize or visit a storage facility soon!

Potential Updates

Keep in mind what kind of updates you’d like to make to the house: New flooring? New paint? Landscaping? Consider these from the start so you have an idea on costs.

Buying A Home In Amarillo? Work with us.

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