We get it — it hurts to receive so much money for selling your home only to hand over 5 to 6 percent to your real estate agent at the end of the process. Sure, you’re grateful for their services. But 5 percent on a $500,000 home is still $30,000. That’s a lot of cash you’re missing out on.

In today’s blog, we’re going to cover whether hiring a realtor is worth it and what option will be best for you as you look into selling a house in Amarillo.

Do you know your home’s value?

A selling agent will know the market and what price is realistic. Homes for sale by owner (FSBO) are typically priced too high, which leads to your property sitting on the market for much longer than you would like. The situation worsens when potential buyers then wonder what’s wrong with the house — “there must be a reason it’s not selling,” they say as they buy a house a street over from you instead. A local real estate agent will perform a market analysis or you could hire an appraiser to get an idea of how much to charge.

Do you have the time and energy for sales and marketing responsibilities?

You may not think it’s all that hard to sell a house, but have you considered all that goes into the marketing side of it alone? You’ll need to:

  • List the property on real estate websites and the Multiple Listing Service
  • Buy and install “for sale” signs and promotional flyers with contact information
  • Take professional photos and write engaging sales copy

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a real estate brokers’ database of properties for sale in the area. You can’t submit your property to the site, but some companies will list your home there for a flat fee (a few hundred dollars, typically).

Do you have the time and energy to screen potential buyers?

On top of the marketing and additional costs just to get buyers attracted to your home, you’ll need to spend hours showing off the house and finding a buyer who is actually qualified to buy. This could take time away from your family or work, and it would be frustrating to go through all of the effort only to discover the purchaser can’t come up with the necessary money.

Use Assist-2-Sell Instead  

So what do you do instead? It’s tempting to list your house for less money (you wouldn’t be paying the realtor, after all) and sell quicker or to even try and sell it for the higher price and pocket the difference. But it’s a lot of work — and most people don’t have the experience necessary to make it happen.

Rely on us instead. We charge a low, flat-rate fee of $2,995, and you don’t even pay that until the deal is closed. We’ll list your home, show it to prospective buyers in Amarillo, and save you some money while we’re at it — it’s all the service you’d get with a traditional real estate company, but for a fraction of the cost. Contact Assist-2-Sell today to get started.