If you’re ready to say goodbye to the upstairs neighbors creating constant noise and your paycheck going straight into rent, never to see it again, then home ownership could be for you. Buying a home is a worthy investment, but there’s a reason not everyone is racing out to do it at once: it’s difficult and comes with its own unique set of challenges.

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You obviously know there are advantages of home ownership — otherwise you wouldn’t be browsing real estate listings in Amarillo in your free time. Here are some of the biggest benefits of buying a home.

Build Your Credit

When you purchase a home, you build equity and help out your future self. How? You build credit (as long as you’re paying your mortgage, of course), the home’s value will increase over the years, and you’ll one day have a completely paid-off home. Additionally, paying rent doesn’t help your credit, though missing rent payments does.

Stop Paying Rent

Nobody likes seeing the rent payment leave their bank account, never to return. Sure, when you buy a home you’ll still have a monthly mortgage payment — but that payment is going to your home, not someone else’s bank account.

Get Tax Deductions

When buying a home, the interest and property tax portion of your mortgage payment is a tax deduction! You may have to pay that extra bit upfront, but come tax season you can write it off.

Take Pride In Ownership

Texas pride is even better when it’s pride in home ownership. This will tie you to the community, and make you feel accomplished and successful. Your backyard BBQs will be all the more fun and exciting when you own the home, or, better yet, it’s a housewarming party.


Buying a home isn’t easy, otherwise everyone would do it. Here are a couple of the disadvantages of home ownership.

Maintenance And Repair Costs

You can’t go running to the landlord when the faucet is leaking or a window is missing its screen — it’s all on you now. This added responsibility can, however, add to your increased pride in a job well done.

Long-Term Commitment

If you choose to buy a house in Amarillo, you’ll be tied to the area for a quite a while. There’s always the option of selling your house, of course, but a home can be a long-term investment and that wouldn’t offer you as high of a return.

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