If you’re tired of renting homes and find yourself browsing real estate listings when you should be focused at work, then buying a home could be right for you — or you could just be dreaming. After all, especially with the way the housing market is right now, buying a home is a challenging (and rewarding) prospect. 

Here at Assist-2-Sell in Amarillo, we do our best to find homes for sale that will match your needs and help you transition from being a renter to a homeowner. If you’re in the market to see new homes for sale in Amarillo, then contact us today! We have access to new listings that could be just what you’re looking for.


Are you planning on staying in Amarillo long-term? Buying a home is making a long-term commitment — even if you could feasibly sell the house within a year of buying it. In fact, most people estimate that it takes at least five years of living in the home to make all the expenses worth it if you must sell instead of staying in it more long-term. With renting, you have options. You could sign a year lease or find something as short as a month-to-month lease.


Cost is arguably one of the biggest reasons people start looking for a house. After all, why spend so much on rent when you’re essentially paying someone else’s mortgage? It’s important to evaluate what your costs would be when buying a home to determine if continuing to rent or beginning homeownership is best for you. Check out our posts on 7 Costs to Consider Before Buying a House and How Buying a Home Now Can Actually Save You Money.


There’s a certain pride that comes with home ownership — but there’s also a lot of stress that can come with it! Be sure you’re ready for the increased ownership that comes with buying a home before you start looking at homes for sale websites! With renting, however, you essentially feel no ownership over the property because it’s the landlord in charge.


Finally, responsibility. When you’re renting, you don’t have to worry about repairs, homeowners insurance (though renters insurance is a must), or HOAs. If you’re someone who has the savings for unexpected costs — like that broken oven you’d normally call your landlord about — then you’ll be just fine. If you’re not quite ready for the added responsibility, then continuing to rent may be a better option.

Buying a Home in Amarillo? Work With Assist-2-Sell

Here at Assist-2-Sell, we understand the appeal of real estate listings, browsing new homes for sale, and typing “find houses for sale” into the search bar when you’re bored at work. After all, we’ve made our careers out of it! However, we just want to be sure you’re ready. If this blog confirms for you that you’re ready to buy a house in Amarillo, then contact Assist-2-Sell today to get started!