Image of a model of a winter village.

The weather outside is frightful, so potential homebuyers will love spending time in your warm, cozy home during your next open house. You may have heard that the process of selling a house is made all the more difficult and stressful in the winter; however, we think selling your home is totally doable any time of the year! 

In fact, here at Assist-2-Sell Amarillo, we’re sure our local real estate agents can sell your home quickly — all while saving you money. No matter the price of your house, selling your home with Assist-2-Sell will always cost a low, flat-rate fee of $2,995. Say goodbye to high real estate commissions and realtor fees. We’re here to help you with selling a house without breaking the bank. And, if you’re nervous about selling your home in the winter, then don’t be! This blog lists five benefits of selling a house in the winter so you can feel prepared. Keep reading to learn more and contact us today to get started selling a house in Amarillo.

Fewer Sellers

With fewer people selling homes in Amarillo in the winter, you have less competition and can reach interested buyers more easily.

Motivated Buyers

If buyers are looking to buy a house in the winter, then you can bet they’re serious. Perhaps they’re moving for a job or have another serious time commitment to meet.

Tax Breaks

One reason buyers may be more motivated to buy a home quickly is that they could secure tax breaks before the end of 2019. Mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums, and real estate taxes are generally tax-deductible.

Time Off Work

Another benefit of selling a house in the winter is that both you and potential buyers have more time off work. You’ll be able to spend time working on the open house, making sure all repairs are done on the house, and maybe even start looking at homes for sale for yourself. 

You Can Increase the Cozy Factor

Finally, you can show off just how cozy and comfortable your home is. With holiday lights and decor, what’s not to love? Check out 5 Tips for Selling a House in the Winter for inspiration and ideas.

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As you can see, selling a house in the winter doesn’t have to be a problem — especially when you work with Assist-2-Sell. We’ll handle all the steps to selling a house and only charge you $2,995 when it sells instead of a hefty real estate commission. Read the following blogs if you’re looking for more information about selling a house:

The process of selling a house is easier than ever with us. Learn more about selling your house with us and contact us today to get started with selling a house in Amarillo!