If you’re looking to sell a house quickly, then staging will be one of your best friends in the process. Whether you clean, style, or even have something baking in the oven, your staging efforts will greatly impact how potential buyers view your home and how likely they are to buy.

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Clean & Repair

When it comes to selling your house, you likely know you need to clean it. But just how much?

  • Declutter. Piles of papers or random stacks may make sense to you, but when someone is touring your home, they’ll look messy and make your home appear smaller. Remove all that you think you can, and then remove some more. Your home will seem larger and be more appealing.
  • Depersonalize. If there are family photos throughout your home, then potential buyers will be imagining you in the space and not them. Don’t make them feel like they’re touring a stranger’s house — make them feel like they’re touring their future home.
  • Deep clean. We’re talking everything here: scrub those baseboards, get smudges off of windows and mirrors, vacuum like there’s no tomorrow. Leave no surface untouched! Potential buyers will think you’ve taken fantastic care of your property over the years.
  • Repair. Those small scratches, loose door handles, or missing or burned-out light bulbs may not be a big deal to you, but they are to potential buyers. Little things like that can seem big in the moment, and they can also make the buyers think there could be other bigger things in disrepair.


There’s a lot to consider when styling your home to sell, of course, but this list is a good start. After you’ve decluttered and depersonalized, try adding in a bit more life with bright flowers on tables and fresh produce on your kitchen counter.

  • Lights. You turn off lights to conserve energy and save on your power bill, but when you’re selling a home you need to turn on all the lights! Before any showing, open blinds, clean windows, and turn on all the lights you can find.
  • Neutrals. Even if you love bright, vivid colors, your local real estate agent will have an easier time selling your home if everything is neutral. We’re not saying you can only use white, but consider repainting that bright orange wall or turquoise bedding you love. Neutral colors will let homebuyers imagine their personal style in the space.
  • Extra rooms. That extra room you use for storage doesn’t look great for homebuyers. Turn it into an office, guest room, child’s room, or more. Give it a purpose.
  • Closets. Closet space is important to people potentially buying a home, so give it to them! Open the closets, organize your clothes, shoes, etc., and make your closet look spacious.

Don’t Forget Outside

Here in Texas, we certainly love our summer nights. When you’re selling your home, make it look like you enjoy your yard and potential homebuyers will most likely like it, too.  

  • Curb appeal. Make everything look fantastic from the moment your selling agent arrives with the homebuyers. Powerwash the walkways and siding, plant lots of flowers and greenery, mow the lawn, and even repaint or stain if necessary.
  • Porch. If you have a large porch, fill it with side tables and chairs. Even if you just have a small porch, give it some life with a doormat and a pot of flowers. After all, first impressions are key.
  • Decorate. If you have an outdoor table in your backyard, stage it just as you would your dining room table. Hang a hammock, scatter chairs, and maybe even hang wind chimes! Give your backyard some personality and let homeowners envision themselves in your space.

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