Thinking of doing a for sale by owner (FSBO) deal for your upcoming home sale? What about hiring a realtor for help with selling your house? There are many pros and cons of working with realtors, but the biggest con we see are high realtor fees. 

Here at Assist-2-Sell Amarillo, we make the process of selling a house easier than ever — and we cut out that real estate commission that leaves you reeling. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss some of the similarities and differences you’ll experience when working with our local real estate agents instead of working with a traditional realtor. And spoiler: we think you’ll like what you see. 

If you’re selling a house in Amarillo, then Assist-2-Sell can help. Contact us today to get started with a listing agent and selling services that will help you sell your home quickly and affordably.

Listing Your Home

Here’s everything we’ll do for you when listing your property for sale: 

  • Provide custom and detailed home pricing information
  • Offer advice about preparing your home for sale
  • Collect all information and documents needed
  • Sign the listing agreement
  • Install yard sign and take photos

Notice: these are all services any other local real estate agent would complete for you.

Promoting Your Home

Again, you can expect all of these selling services with both us and other local real estate agents: 

  • Show your home to potential buyers
  • Arrange for other local agents to show your home
  • Handle all phone calls and inquiries
  • Manage marketing on hundreds of realtor and real estate websites
  • Manage social media marketing

Selling Your Home

The process of selling a house quickly with us is easy: 

  • We negotiate offers
  • We handle the paperwork and escrow process
  • We arrange inspections and the appraisal
  • We coordinate to ensure a successful close
  • We receive your money
  • You receive your money!

The Difference? Cost.

So you’re getting all the same services as you would with a traditional realtor … what’s the catch? The cost of working with us is so much less expensive. 

We don’t believe the cost of selling a house should be prohibitive, and we don’t believe in hefty real estate commissions. For starters, you don’t pay for our selling services until the deal is closed. 

In addition to this, however, we cut down on realtor selling fees and home listing fees substantially by offering all of our selling services for a low flat fee. No matter the size of your home, you’ll pay a flat fee of $2,995 instead of a percentage of your overall sale — and that’s only after our selling services are successful. 

When you’re selling a house with us and benefit from our low cost as opposed to traditional realtor fees, we call it results with savings … but you may just call it extra money in your pocket.

Get Help With Selling A House In Amarillo

The cost of selling a house doesn’t have to be prohibitive or overwhelming. List property for sale with us, and we’ll handle the entire process — you’ll just owe us the flat fee of $2,995 once your sale is final! Contact Assist-2-Sell today to get started with selling a house in Amarillo.