We’re not saying you should create the home from the 1999 Disney film “Smart House,” but it wouldn’t hurt to add some modern features to your home here and there! Selling a house can be a time-consuming process that is stressful at times. If you’re having a hard time selling your home, then adding smart technology to it may help the sale go smoother! 

Another way to get help selling a house in Amarillo is to work with Assist-2-Sell. When it’s time to list property for sale, you can count on us. Our local real estate agents will work hard on selling your house — and they’ll all do it for a low, flat-rate fee of $2,995. Say goodbye to expensive realtor fees and high real estate commission! Keep reading for inspiration on smart tech for your home, and then contact Assist-2-Sell today to get started with selling a house!


Tired of going around the house and turning off lights after your children? Well, chances are high that homebuyers have the same problem! Now, you can turn off lights with a simple click on your phone — along with controlling the brightness, dimness, or color of your lights.

Security Cameras

Home security is an important aspect to anyone interested in buying a house in Amarillo. Because of this, if you already have a security system in place and included in the price of the home, then selling your house may be easier.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are mandatory — but why not make them more effective and useful than ever? With a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, you can know exactly where the danger is. On top of this, the detector will turn on your lights to help you escape.

Solar Panels

As renewable energy becomes a larger focus, solar panels can certainly help you sell your house faster — and for a higher price. After all, the return on investment is high, it’s good for the environment, and the payback period is generally low.


When selling a house, it’s important to realize that potential buyers are looking for something new, exciting, and efficient. That’s where a smart thermostat comes into the picture. Some even have remote sensors to ensure all rooms are heated or cooled properly.

Video Doorbell

Finally, we’re loving the latest video doorbells. They feature excellent, high-quality video, and some even offer facial recognition (they can announce your guests at the door!). This can make everything from having friends over to working with a new dog sitter a breeze.

Selling a House in Amarillo? Work With Assist-2-Sell Today

With all of this smart home technology, you may not even want to move! However, if selling a house is in your plans, then Assist-2-Sell is here to help. Selling your home shouldn’t be a difficult, drawn-out process where you end up paying a hefty real estate commission. When selling a house in Amarillo with us, you only pay a low, flat-rate fee of $2,995. Contact us today to get started!