Selling a house is great, right? Well, today we’re going to let you in on the facts of why selling a house fast is bad.

You’ll Decrease Stress

Let us guess: you thrive off of stress. Stress is the thing that keeps you going day in and day out, and you don’t want it to go anywhere. Because of this, you want to keep that motivational stress in your life by having to clean your house regularly in case your real estate agent pops in and by preparing for open house after open house. The longer you can keep that stress, the better — which makes selling a house slowly so beneficial for you.

You’ll Be Able To Move On

New job across the country? Moving to a bigger house to prepare for your new baby? The more time, the better. It’s better to spend months and months preparing for the move (with the added stress of uncertainty about a sale!) rather than get everything figured out quickly and easily. You’ll have years to spend on the next stage of your life — there’s no need to rush!

You’ll Have More Time

It’s fun, really, to spend hours each day and devote your entire weekend to preparing for a move, getting your home ready for an open house, and doing all you can to advertise and sell your house. Besides, realtor fees don’t change for how much time it takes to sell your house, so why stress about how much time it takes? Take it nice and slow and spend all your time working on selling your house instead of creating memories with your family.

You’ll Improve Your Finances

You’re getting ready to buy a new house and start a mortgage payment, but there’s really no need to stress about finances. Why not draw out the process and watch your finances dwindle more and more each month — there’s nothing quite like living on the edge, after all. Increase in cash flow from selling a house? No thank you.

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This blog was obviously, sarcastic. Of course you want to sell your home fast! When you list a property for sale, you truly want to sell it as fast as possible so that you can decrease stress, move on to the next stage of your life, save your time, and improve your finances.

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