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How is Assist-2-Sell different from traditional real estate companies?

The most obvious difference between Assist-2-Sell and traditional real estate companies lies in the commission structure. Traditional firms typically charge home sellers a high real estate commission that is a percentage of the sales price (6 percent, for example). Assist-2-Sell charges a low, flat fee of $2,995 — no matter what — when you are selling a house with us.

With Assist-2-Sell, home sellers are also given a choice as to how their home is marketed.

The Direct-To-Buyer® Program:

The Direct-To-Buyer program markets a seller’s home directly to home buyers. This differs from traditional marketing programs that rely primarily on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to market homes. While the MLS is a powerful marketing tool, it is expensive and not always necessary. Many who are selling a home prefer the Direct-To-Buyer program because it gives Assist-2-Sell the opportunity to find a buyer through its own marketing efforts. You’ll only pay Assist-2-Sell $2,995 at closing, and there are no upfront or hidden fees.

The MLS For Less® Program:

This program adds the benefits of the MLS, while still offering home sellers the opportunity to pay only the low, flat fee should the home buyer purchase directly through Assist-2-Sell. Under this program, a low percentage is offered (2-3 percent, for example). If an MLS agent brings the home buyer, they receive the 2-3 percent and Assist-2-Sell receives only the fee of $2,995. If the buyer comes directly to Assist-2-Sell through our new listings and selling services, the seller pays only the low, flat fee, and not the additional 2-3 percent. Both programs are designed to offer you choices and save you money. Regardless of which program you choose, full service is always included.

How is Assist-2-Sell different from other discount real estate companies?

Assist-2-Sell is a full-service discount real estate company. Other companies that discount their commission usually do so by taking away services. In other words, if they charge less, they are going to do less. Some limited service and discounted commission companies charge upfront fees. Others are internet based and may only offer placement of the house in the MLS and rely on the MLS-selling broker to handle the entire transaction. Assist-2-Sell has found that those methods are not a solution for the majority of people selling a home who want and need full service but don’t want to pay a high real estate commission.

How is Assist-2-Sell different from for-sale-by-owner real estate companies?

Most for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) real estate companies simply help homeowners advertise their houses on the internet through their home listings, and they charge a fee to do so. Assist-2-Sell is not an FSBO solution; it is the solution. Assist-2-Sell will save you money while providing full service with savings. When it comes to buying and selling houses, you can count on us to offer good selling services at a fair, affordable price.

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